Voyzant Cares

Voyzant Cares

Voyzant Cares is the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Voyzant Inc.  We believe that the highest goal one can achieve is to be of service to your fellow human being and the world around you. Our objective as a responsible corporate citizen is to provide philanthropic support to the individuals and organizations who are actively working and implementing changes that make our world a better place.

Action and engagement are fundamental in order to be an effective corporate citizen. Voyzant Cares is dedicated to proactively engaging with communities and to be of assistance anytime a call to action is required. We focus on providing immediate relief and aiding in long-term recovery efforts. Voyzant Cares has worked with leading non-profit outreach organizations in Canada and globally.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

Martin Luther King Jr.


Our mission is to provide the support needed so that goals are achieved. Voyzant Cares is dedicated towards serving those who are invested in improving the quality of life for marginalised communities and initiatives that seek to protect the environment.  Our philanthropic work assists individuals and organizations in the following areas:

Health Care
Poverty Alleviation and Development
Gender Equality
Human Rights