You want to deliver the best experience for your customers, and you want to do it at the best possible value. Travel connects people, builds relationships, and creates experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. As Canada’s leading wholesale travel service provider, Voyzant’s dedicated team works hard so that you can deliver the perfect travel experience. We offer a wide range of services for your unique needs. Feel secure knowing that all your service issues will be handled by our trusted travel advisors

Air Services / Booking


On average more than 8 million people fly every day and explore the world for business, leisure, or educational needs, so as the leading travel consolidator in Canada Voyzant gives you the best ability to serve this growing market [1] We partner with multiple global distribution systems such as Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport in order to secure the best routes, fare classes, operators, stop-overs and connection times for our clients. We have long standing partnerships with over 100 airlines and provide over 100 million flight options to choose from.

Our international presence is strong, especially in the booming Asia-Pacific region, and our application programming interface (API) with low -cost carrier airlines  allows us to seamlessly book non-stop, connecting and multi-connecting fares both domestically and internationally. We also customize scheduling and passenger name records (PNRs). Our seasonal charter flight operations allow you to cater to the niche market of private group travelers. You can count on us to deliver the most competitive prices on the market.

[1] IATA Report

Automatic Ticketing System


At Voyzant we value time and effort, so let our Automatic Ticket Solution free you from the mundane, time-consuming tasks associated with booking and scheduling travel. Voyzant’s web based automated solution for ticketing will save you time, money and improve your customer service. Set up is a quick cloud-based installation which is handled by us making your life easier.

The system handles:

  • Schedule Change – The automated system prepares, updates and sends passengers email notifications of any involuntary schedule changes made by the airline. The system automatically retrieves the passenger’s PNR from the line, database, or booking management system, and identifies the type of change required. The system will then choose what action is needed to proceed with the reservation such as: minimum connecting time, segment mismatch, segment continuity error or long layover. An email notification is then sent to the passenger.
  • Pre-ticketing quality control – ensures ticketing quality and verifies if the payment has been received.
  •  Built-in commissions manager


Technology informs how people travel. Travelers require connectivity and accessibility to airports around the world. Voyzant recognizes the importance of being able to provide our clients with modern systems that will keep them relevant in the complex, competitive travel market. Virtual interlining is the solution for the needs of today’s traveler. Virtual interlining lets us combine separate flight options seamlessly. Our technology allows us to have the most competitive virtual interlining price rates and the best combinations of flights globally. We connect to full-service and low-cost carriers of all sizes with virtual interlining, so that you can offer your customers trips to any airport in the world for the lowest fares.



Corporate travel can be complicated and expensive for companies. Voyzant’s corporate travel department has the resources and expertise to manage your specific business travel needs. Our team of corporate travel specialists work closely with each client to create customized programs that will manage and track travel expenses, be cost effective and guarantee safety. We help our clients streamline and reduce their travel related operational costs. We ensure the safety of your company travelers and have a dedicated corporate emergency call center available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team of dedicated specialists have experience handling complex itineraries, special requests and meeting deadlines successfully. You can trust Voyzant to service your corporate travel needs with efficiency and quality customer service.

  • Travelers: We make traveling simple and easy every step of the way. We offer services before, during and after travelling. Plans often change, our agents are available to adjust to any last-minute itinerary changes. We have around the clock worldwide emergency services. Our travelers are immediately contacted about any emergency alerts and are quickly assisted and provided with travel plans to ensure their safe return home.
  • Executive Assistant & Travel Manager: We recognize that our clients need options and have preferences that is why we offer different forms for booking travel. We have an easy, user friendly online booking system as well as working with a personal booking agent.
  • Finance: Our advanced information collection system has allowed us to form strong consolidated data. Our consolidated content will help your business identify trends, track its travel habits, find ways to maximize your budget and reduce costs. Voyzant does not deal with any third-party vendors which allows us to have the lowest market fares.
  • In House Training:  We have a team of dedicated account managers to develop, support and manage your business’s travel policy. The account manager will oversee employee adherence to travel policy, create training and communication manuals to assist in company-wide conformity to your travel program and policy.


Voyzant offers customized group travel services for groups, events and incentive travel with no minimum stay requirements. Our highly experienced agents will create a unique program that includes event planning, destination searches, hotel and air bookings, food and beverage and on-site coordination. Our international network of suppliers and cutting-edge technology allows us to offer groups unique and creative destination options anywhere in the world.

  • Air travel: Voyzant’s partnership with over 100 airlines and charter flight options offer a range of preferences for any group. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to identify and secure the best group fares.
  • Transportation: Our team of agents can manage transportation needs for groups of all sizes including professional meet and greets, guided city tours, special event services and car rentals.
  • Accommodation:  Our operation  allows us to provide access to exclusive offers and amenities, preferred rates and thousands of room types around the world.
  • Conferences & events: Voyzant has the experience, creativity and focus to manage all aspects of group events and incentive reward trips that are original and successful.